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Orchid Plant Care - by Orchid Florist


Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants enjoy living in a bright window with minimum direct sunlight. Choosing an east facing window or a diffused west facing window is ideal. In the winter time, choosing a south facing window may be needed. 


Water is important for Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants - they must never dry out. Conversely, they must never sit in resting water; this will cause root rot. Keep the sphagnum moss medium continuously moist for best results. 


Misting your plants will mimic the tropical, humid environment they thrive in. Keep a mister near by for regular morning sprays (giving time for the leaves to dry off during the day).  


For a minimal charge - we will be happy to repot your Orchid Plant into a larger containter, when there roots start to grow over its current pot (sign of seeking more water, food, space). 

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